Coach/Trainer Devon Washington DEVON WASHINGTON

Devon Washington is a Head Coach, Trainer, Conditioner and Skills Development Coach with the Greenwich Stars.

Devon will make your child a better basketball player.

Devon focuses on skill development and getting his players to that next level.  As a top trainer, he makes sure his players are in top physical and mental shape. Devon is passionate about helping others improve their game and mental toughness, not just on the court but off the court as well. He’s a great communicator and believes that outstanding communication between players and coaches is a key to success. Devon leads terrific practice and training sessions. He is super organized and his practices are planned out well in advance. At Devon’s practices, his “students” have fun and learn, develop their basketball skills and become better and more confident basketball players.

Devon is a head coach for the Greenwich Stars and he’s also available for private and group training, conditioning and skill development.