Our sons level of play has improved quickly, dramatically and noticeably from playing with the Greenwich Stars. John Raybin runs a fantastic organization. He manages to watch almost every single practice and game, often seeming to be in 2 places at once and is always reachable and in contact. We are extremely pleased with the Greenwich Stars.

Amy and Matt Schwartz
Scarsdale, NY

Our sons have played on a number of different teams, and the Greenwich Stars has provided the best experience by far. The difference maker is the professional coaching. The coaches have high expectations, preach team basketball, but ultimately focus on teaching kids the fundamentals of the game. All of this is done in a constructive, high-energy, and fun environment. Our sons have grown to love basketball and they love being a part of the Greenwich Stars!

Nancy and Eric Heaton
Pound Ridge, NY

Our son has been playing for The Greenwich Stars for four years. Every season, he has had phenomenal coaching that has allowed him to bring his game to the next level. The structure of the practices allows the kids to have fun, while also teaching them so many valuable skills, whether it’s ball handling, footwork or specific plays. We love the program, and we are so happy to have found it.

Jackie and Jason Friedland
Mamaroneck, NY

Our son has played with Greenwich Stars for five years, first as a “Rising Star” and now as a part of the Travel and AAU teams. He loves coming to practice – and looks forward to being worked hard. The coaches expect a lot of their players, but treat them with respect and with belief in their ability. John Raybin’s support only enhances the coaching staff, and we feel lucky to have our son be a part of the Greenwich Stars family.

Stacey and Stuart Wechsler
Rye Brook, NY

Coach Henry and General Manager John Raybin have taught my son so much. I can truly say that this is one of the best basketball organizations in New York and Connecticut. I know that because I have friends whose sons play for other teams and they are always complaining. We love being part of the Greenwich Stars family.

Evette Bremmer
Stamford, CT

Very few basketball programs possess tremendous organizational structure, elite coaches, professionalism and a desire to help make kids better. The Greenwich Stars and their President, John Raybin personify these qualities. They are a first rate organization who do things the right way.

Greg Kristof
CEO, Zero Gravity Basketball

Our son has gotten so much out of being a part of the Greenwich Stars. Each season his game has leaped forward. Not only thanks to the consistent and excellent coaching but also thanks to the culture at large that owner John Raybin insists upon. These are not just teams of talented kids. They are teams with heart. Teams who have fun. Teams who care about each other. Teams where everyone is encouraged to improve. We are so appreciative our kid is not just a number in this organization. He is well looked after. What more could we want?

Kersten and Joe Rivas
Wilton, CT

The Greenwich Stars strikes the right balance of excellent coaching and the right values. The team wants to win and the kids are encouraged to play their hardest, but it is not about winning at all costs. John Raybin is not just a kind and helpful person but he has a great attitude and stands behind each player by encouraging them to play their very best. His genuine concern for each of the players is clear. Being on the Stars team has been a great experience for both of our sons!

Sandra and Saul Rosenthal
Armonk, NY

Our son really loves playing on the Greenwich Stars. The program is extremely well run. The coaches are very knowledgeable and have an innate ability to relate to the kids. But most importantly while the program is very competitive (the team is going to the Nationals) the emphasis is for everyone to have a fun time.

Jon and Kathy Savitz
Greenwich, CT

After hearing about the Greenwich Stars program from other basketball coaches, we became convinced that we had found the place to try out. We noticed right away that the organization was very professionally and passionately run. The progress the girls made in such a short time was amazing to us. They seemed to absorb skills and understanding as if by osmosis from their coach. Without a doubt, this would never have happened apart from the Greenwich Stars and their dedicated staff and coaches.

Geoff Parkinson
Stamford, CT