Play is September 4 – November 11.  Boys Ages 4-17 and Girls Ages 4 – 12 are welcome from all towns. Register Now!

Register for one or more of the below leagues and clinics. Many parents choose a clinic and a league.

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Fall Boys and Girls Ages 4/5 New Stars Clinic (Saturdays): 8AM – 8:45AM

Fall Boys and Girls Ages 6/7/8 Rising Stars Clinic (Saturdays): 8:45AM – 9:45AM

Fall Boys and Girls Ages 6/7/8 Rising Stars Clinic (Thursdays): 5:40PM – 6:40PM

Fall Boys League (Games) Ages 6/7/8 (GBL) Greenwich Basketball League Games (Sundays): 12PM – 1PM

Fall Boys League (Games) Ages 9/10 (GBL) Greenwich Basketball League Games (Sundays): 1PM – 2PM

* Fall Boys Ages 9/10: All-Around Clinic (Mondays): 6:30PM – 7:30PM – held at The Solomon Schechter School, Hartsdale, NY (Westchester)

Fall Boys Ages 10/11/12/13:  Super Shooting Clinic (Wednesdays): 5:40PM – 6:40PM 

* Fall Elite Boys Ages 11-14: Elite Stars Training Sessions (Mondays): 7:30PM – 8:30PM – held at The Solomon Schechter School, Hartsdale, NY (Westchester)

Fall Boys League (Games) Ages 11/12 (GBL) Greenwich Basketball League Games (Sundays): 2PM – 3PM

Fall Boys League (Games) Ages 13/14 (GBL) Greenwich Basketball League Games (Sundays): 3PM – 4PM

Fall Boys High School League (Games) for Boys in High School: (GBL) Greenwich Basketball League Games (Sundays): 4PM – 5PM

Fall Girls Ages 9/10/11/12 All-Around Clinic (Sundays): 11AM – 12PM


CLINIC sessions (60 minutes): Clinic sessions include instruction and drills and a game at the end of each session.

GAME sessions (60 minutes): Game sessions feature a game that takes up most of the session. However, before each game, there’s instruction.

The difference between clinics and games is this: The Clinic Sessions involve more instruction and drills then the Game sessions. The game is shorter in the clinics. In the Game (sessions), there is instruction before each game, but the Game takes up most of the session and is longer than in the Clinics, and there is an official ref.


Professional Coaches. No Parent Coaches. No Politics.

Each session is held at: Carmel Academy, 270 Lake Avenue, Greenwich, CT.

For more info, please contact John Raybin at john.raybin@greenwichstars.com or call: 203.661.4444


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