About us


“The most popular and respected basketball organization in the New York/Connecticut area


For  Boys and Girls Ages 6-17. Players welcome from all towns. Professional coaches. No parent coaches. No politics.

  • 2017 Greenwich Stars (Fall) Basketball Season: September 5 –  November 5: Travel Teams, In-House League, Group Instruction and Clinics
  • 2017/2018 Greenwich Stars (Winter) Basketball Season: November 6 – March 11: Travel Teams, In-House League, Group Instruction and Clinics
  • 2018 Greenwich Stars (Spring) Basketball Season: March 26 –  June 12: AAU Teams, Group Instruction and Clinics
  • 2018 Greenwich Stars (Summer) Basketball Season: June -August: Camp. Group Instruction and Clinics


The Greenwich Stars are based in Greenwich, CT and are open to elite, travel, school and recreational players. Most Practice sessions are held at Carmel Academy (Greenwich, CT). The Greenwich Stars have outstanding professional coaches (no parent coaches). Our coaches have each won multiple championships and have extensive basketball backgrounds. Our coaches preach great sportsmanship, and dedication and respect for the game.

The Greenwich Stars are more than a basketball organization – The Stars are a “community” that is committed to helping young people on and off the court. When a player makes a commitment to our basketball organization, they become our top priority. We truly care about each and every one of our players and their families. We are in the basketball world to have a positive and lasting impact on all our players. Swearing, poor behavior and technical fouls are not allowed on the Greenwich Stars. We want every player to grow and learn and become a better person on and off the basketball court. Our goal is to win basketball games — but it’s even better when you win by playing within the rules, by playing as a team and by playing hard and always doing your very best.

The Greenwich Stars are not a “sports factory” like so many others. All players have fun and they learn the fundamentals and skills needed to become a better player. Practices are “learning experiences” and teamwork is emphasized. The Greenwich Stars also have a mentoring and leadership program, as well as a unique basketball program (called “Special Stars”) for children who have Special Needs.

For further assistance about the Greenwich Stars, please contact John Raybin (President and General Manager) at: 203.661.4444 or john.raybin@greenwichstars.com